About Us

Welcome to Zhong Skincare Collection—an opulent line crafted for sensitive skin, blending Traditional Chinese Medicine with eco-conscious, ethically sourced ingredients. Our botanical-powered, clinical-grade skincare delivers exceptional results, reflecting our commitment to natural efficacy. Curated by Dr. Abbie, our products embody the perfect fusion of tradition and clinical innovation, promoting glowing skin naturally.

Meet Dr. Abbie, Zhong Founder

Dr. Abbie underwent extensive training abroad, starting with her internship in China. Subsequently, she apprenticed under esteemed doctors in France and furthered her education in cosmetic and facial reading diagnostics in Hong Kong, Japan, and New Zealand. In Australia, Dr. Abbie is mentored by a fourth-generation Chinese Medicine Doctor known as Lao Shi, which translates to 'teacher.'

Her proven treatments holistically reverse the aging process, preserving the appearance of dignity and wisdom acquired throughout life.

'Our company's purpose is to spread awareness of plants' healing potential through premium body care products manufactured from natural components and with consideration for the environment' - Dr. Abbie

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Zhong is the first character in the Chinese script of ‘Chinese Medicine’. It loosely translates to Upright, Zen, Central and Centre.

Zhong is a symbol of returning to balance, and this has been our sign and inspiration behind our practice for a long time. It only seems ‘zen’ to expand not only our practice, but our skincare collection to represent this too.

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