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Chinese Herbal Foot Soak | Pack of 5

Chinese Herbal Foot Soak | Pack of 5

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We are huge advocates for self care. One very simple self care ritual that you can do to relax and unwind is to invite yourself to a luxurious foot bath. This practice will help reduce stress, anxiety, and over-thinking, and help with sleeping.

Herbs include ginger and mugwort and other specific Chinese herbs to detoxify and calm your system.

100% plant based, vegan friendly.


Ginger, Mugwort

How to use

How to use the Zhong Centre herbal foot soak:
Find a bucket that you can fit both feet in.
Fill the bucket with water as hot as you can stand (do not burn), but the hottest water you can cope with, to the level that is covering your ankles.
Place the Chinese herbal foot soak in the water.
Leave your feet to soak for a minimum of 10 minutes, 15-20 minutes is ideal.
Use this time to do breathing exercises, meditation or listening to calming music or a guided meditation.
Remove your feet from the bucket, towel dry, put on socks, and if possible, try not to let your feet touch the ground before bed.


It’s best done in conjunction with good sleep hygiene and avoiding any electronics for 30 minutes prior to bed.
The idea is to pull all the hot energy or qi down from the mind shen to the feet in order to relax and calm ready for sleep. It also boosts the Kidney element which begins under the foot, and pertains to vitality and calmness.
This is best done next to bed and should be the last thing you do before sleep.

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'Each product contains some of the finest botanicals as well as a small amount of joy and goodwill' - Dr. Abbie